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The Ultimate Guide for Casino Bonuses

guide for casino bonuses

New Zealand casino operators attract and motivate a significant chunk of new and regular players worldwide by offering bonuses. Due to the fiercely competitive NZ marketplace, these operators tilt towards this creative and aggressive marketing style.

Bonuses are incentives. To be explicit, we consider bonuses as special promotional offers by casino brands, especially towards potential players. It serves as an invite to new players and to regular players, a booster to encourage continuous gameplay. Bonuses have several forms but the same intent; free credits for punters to enjoy iGaming entertainment.

Players who frequently visit online casinos understand the effect of a bonus offer on their gaming adventure. For players with a lean budget, bonuses can make a difference. Some bonuses are also used to promote live casino games or new products available at the casino.  

The dynamics of the gambling world keep changing. Bonus offers are one of the many ways casino operators compete in the gaming industry. Here, we will guide you on taking full advantage of these bonus offers and what to look out for in an offer. In essence, you are about to learn how to spot a genuine bonus offer all by yourself. 

Breakdown of Different Bonus Types

Today, you will find hundreds of popular NZ gaming sites where punters can try their luck playing their favourite games. Most times, these sites compete for the same players in the gambling space, and hence, they subscribe to offering several kinds of bonuses for a competitive advantage.

There are several types of NZ online casino bonus offers available on the internet. Gambling sites are very innovative as well as generous to players. In essence, it is possible to find a bonus offer on a particular NZ online casino and not on the other. However, as mentioned earlier, they all have the same purpose or intent.

Among the various bonus types is the famous welcome bonus for new players. The welcome bonus can come in several forms; free credit, free spins, etc. sometimes, a promo code would be needed to access the bonus for some real money casinos.

Generally, New Zealand players become eligible once they complete their sign-up. Other exciting bonuses include ongoing bonuses and loyalty programs for regular players.

Welcome Bonus

Welcome bonuses are very popular with real money casinos, and they are also one of the main channels NZ’s best online casinos lure new users. Even when a real money casino has more games than the other, a welcome bonus offer could quickly close the deal, especially for undecided players. Welcome bonuses have a high popularity rating and are also very effective promotional offers in attracting new customers.

Labels such as sign-up bonus and registration bonus are some of the names used by casinos to refer to the welcome bonus. The welcome package comes in different forms and also sizes. For instance, the casino could offer new customers free money from depositing NZ$20 -NZ$200 or free spins to access its game store. Sometimes, a combination of free money and a free spin is offered.

Free spins are usually applied to specific games. Also, the winnings are mostly as betting credits. Ideally, the type of games you are interested in should decide on taking the welcome bonus. If you play slots or table games, the welcome bonus is ideal on most NZ real money casinos because the rollover requirements are pretty reasonable, and you could start building your bankroll.

Match Up Bonus

Match up bonus offer is one of the best incentives for NZ online casino websites to have players looking in their direction. This welcome bonus is simply the best and offers additional benefits to give new users a smooth voyage.

The match-up bonus is an excellent incentive to quickly convince new players to make deposits. It is also a match up by a percentage, up to a specific figure of the player’s deposits like the name. The common percentage offered by most online casinos is a 100% match up to any figure.

For instance, if a site offers a 100% match up to NZ$200, players who deposit NZ$100 would get a cash bonus of NZ$100. This gives a total of NZ$200 to gamble with. However, considering the same terms and a player makes a deposit of NZ$300, his deposit would only be matched up to NZ$200, leaving him with NZ$500 (deposit amount + bonus amount). 

Match up bonuses are usually capped, meaning you can go above what the NZ online casino offers. You would also come across 50%, 75%, and 150% match up bonuses or higher.

Deposit Bonus

Another popular online casino welcome bonus is for motivating new customers to sign up is the deposit bonus. Slightly similar to the match-up bonus, the deposit bonus is offered for the first three to four successive deposits. When the player signs up and makes a deposit of the minimum amount stipulated by the casino, it is matched up and a bonus is given. This happens three to four times after that, depending on the NZ online casino.

Deposit bonuses are sometimes rewarded with other compelling offers like free spins. For instance, the first and third deposits could have a certain number of free spins with the bonus money. Sometimes, for all successive initial deposits, free spins would be given. However, this solely depends on the preferred casinos. It is essential always to compare the deposit bonus of a few other NZ online casinos.

Often, players get this bonus offer when they make a deposit via a preferred casino payment channel. For instance, in a bid to promote a banking method, the best online casinos in New Zealand would offer customers a bonus for funding their account via PayPal. As mentioned earlier, welcome bonuses are a win-win for casinos and players.

No Deposit Bonus

Today, it isn’t easy to believe that some things can freely be given. The no deposit bonus is outstanding among the many popular welcome bonuses available on NZ online gaming platforms. It would help if you didn’t confuse this offer with the deposit bonus and note that the no deposit bonuses are one hundred percent free. Ideally, they are designed to appreciate newly registered and sometimes existing customers.

With the no deposit bonus, players can access their favourite games without making any financial commitment. Interestingly, users can test online casinos with the opportunity to win real money in the process. Players are not required to fund their gaming account, and this is why it is the most popular and sought-after casino bonus offer by players and is also used as a promotional tool by real money casinos.

The no deposit bonus comes in several forms, depending on what gaming sites you patronize. These forms include free spins, bonus cash, free play, etc. No deposit bonus can be a sign-up bonus, but not always. Here, players are required to complete the sign-up before they become eligible for the offer. Online gaming sites employ have this requirement to ensure only serious players get the offer.

Above all, to fully utilize this offer, it is crucial to check out the terms and conditions. Often, the no deposit bonus rewards are subject to burdensome playthrough requirements. As mentioned earlier, gambling establishments want to shield themselves from unserious players who want to cash out the money immediately. The no deposit bonus is not just some giveaway, it’s a promotional offer to increase traffic to the website, which is beneficial to both the casino and the players.  

Free Spins No Deposit

Free spins no deposit is another perk of online casino bonuses that gambling sites use to pull in new customers. At the same time, it is an ideal option for players who want to explore new gaming sites. Fortunately, this casino bonus doesn’t give you a cash reward. Winnings are credited as bonus credits, which are subject to wagering. The core aim of free spins no deposit, is, without any doubt, beneficial to the player.

Free spins are different from demo play, and the offer allows you to play for free and win real money, unlike demo play, where you play for nothing but to get to know the game. Furthermore, Players have to create an account before they are eligible for the offer. And like every other bonus offer, players have to deal with the playthrough requirement before withdrawing their wins.

The advantages of free spins no deposits are numerous. Wide availability, real wins, and a smooth claiming process are some reasons why players consider this offer. Several disadvantages still exist. For instance, free spins have the lowest stake level, burdensome playthrough requirement, and are available for low-value games, limit how much you can win, etc.

The optics are not the same for every online casino, and the dynamics could be better at the next gaming sites. However, these cons do not outweigh the pros in any way. Here, you have the chance to play for something with nothing.

Casino Bonuses Credits

Best online casinos have a preferred system for allowing their customers to obtain casino credits to game with. Casino credit is different from the usual bonus money credited to players: casino credits are often given for specific online casino games such as poker. Also, you should know that the casino credit depends on the credit history alongside the average cash available in the player’s checking account.

Casino credit is essential for high rollers, and they come with high wagering requirements. However, it is an excellent choice for players without cash or who don’t like to move around with money and don’t mind playing against a line of credit.

Credits are not quickly rewarded, and certain parameters are set to ensure players deserve the right amount. For instance, if Paul is suitable for a casino credit of NZ$50,000, and five casinos approve this, he gets NZ$250,000 casino credit which he is not qualified for.

One of such parameters to ensure a balance is that players have to authorize a credit department for a consumer report, which is checked along with the player’s bank account information. Also, casinos make decisions using Central Credit, giving them access to players’ credit reports across other gaming properties.

Bonuses For Long Time Players and VIPs

NZ online casinos don’t only consider new players for rewards or bonuses; they also have tailored bonuses to compensate for the devotion of their regular players. Today, tons of NZ online casinos are springing up all over the internet, making the competition for players more intense. Operators have to be creative and strategic to pull in the correct numbers.

Gaming sites must understand their players’ needs and respond to such requirements. Essentially, one of the many ways best online casinos maintain their fan base is via casino bonuses in a loyalty program, VIP program, etc. Practically all online gambling sites offer players who have dedicated much time to their sites such offers.

Bonuses for regular players are an ideal way to keep them coming back. Or rather, when a casino operator wants to ensure players make them their primary gaming sites, they release bonuses regularly. For instance, some online casinos offer users daily free spins. Regardless of the possibility of a player having his account funded, he would always visit his account to use his free spins.

Think about it, what would be your choice between a gambling operator that offers daily free spins and one where you have to do everything with your real money? Your response is as good as ours, and gamblers would preferably stick with gaming sites that offer exciting bonuses. Besides, these bonuses contribute a great deal to the players’ bankroll, giving players more spins and a variety of games to explore with a possibility of winning in the process.

Eligibility for these bonuses is a consistent use of your gaming account. Players who use their gaming account once in a blue moon may have fewer bonuses to grab than another player who has invested much money and game time into the casino.

Reload Bonus

The reload bonus is similar to the matchup casino bonus but exclusive to existing players. This bonus offer would not be strange to professional gamblers or players who have been consistent in their gaming adventure. Reload bonuses are special casino bonuses granted to players when they deposit into their gaming account. It could also be on some specific days.

Reload bonus is a recurring and attractive gambling offer to keep players gaming at a specific casino operator. Ideally, regular players would be happy to get a bonus for every deposit made to their accounts. In simple terms, here is how the reload bonus works on gambling sites:

  • A player funds his gaming account, and this deposit is usually referred to as “reloading.”
  • This reloading gives the players a certain percentage of the deposit as a bonus
  • This percentage can be as high as 150% or more
  • Users can make use of both deposits and additional bonuses to gamble

There are a lot of casino operators who have this offer available. Often, the percentage is improved over overtime. If you play at a particular gaming site consistently, effectively proving your loyalty via your game time, it’s likely that the percentage would improve. However, the reload bonus also has its terms and conditions, like every NZ online casino bonus.

Loyalty or VIP Programs

Online gaming casinos’ loyalty or VIP programs is another perk of NZ online casino bonuses every regular player should know about. Many online casino operators create loyalty and VIP programs that give their best players more bang for their money.

Essentially, loyalty programs are reward bundles that help NZ online casinos keep their customers. Casinos give tons of gifts to players who make frequent deposits, motivating them to continue with the brand. These gifts are in various forms, such as online discounts to live event tickets.

These gifts are huge, and if you are a big spender, you should join the loyalty or VIP club. The programs are in steps or levels. Most real money casinos automatically enrol their best customers who are eligible. Once registered, the player must fulfil specific requirements to be promoted to the next level. Here is how to get into a casino’s loyalty program:

  • Spread out deposit
  • Play regularly
  • Ask questions from players who are already in the club if you are already a consistent player
  • Ask your preferred casino for a change of status

As mentioned earlier, the casino would automatically update your status. For this to happen, steps 1 and 2 are guidelines. Most times, spreading your deposit is better than putting it all in at once. Here is what we mean, a deposit of NZ$500 every month is better than NZ$6000 put in once.

Points 3 and 4 are necessary if your casino status doesn’t change despite your continuous deposit. This is not intentional, but the casino could be missing something about you. You can easily reach out to the operator and request a status change. However, talking to other players included in the club is an option, and they could quickly put in the word and get you added.

What To Look For? 

Gambling enthusiasts get excited when they come across casino bonuses. As mentioned earlier, bonuses are a determining factor for most players choosing among the best online casinos. However, it is not compulsory to take these offers, despite how exciting you find them.

Furthermore, the casino is not that generous. Casino bonuses are likely to confuse new players. Remember, the sole purpose of these bonuses is to attract players. However, the casino protects itself against players who would abuse such offers. For balance, wagering requirements or playthrough requirements are introduced.

We suggest you look through the terms and conditions before accepting any form of NZ online casino bonus. Most players skip this section in a bid to sign up quickly, and we can guarantee you that the devil is in those details. The wagering requirement will help you decide if a bonus is worth your time and money.

Casino Bonuses Time Limits

Essentially, online gaming sites give players time to claim their bonus. When you accept any NZ online casino bonus, the time limit automatically counts. All NZ online casino bonuses come with an expiration date. Players must wager such bonus within the timeframe permitted, and failure to comply would result in an invalid bonus. 

Players sometimes get ninety days (sometimes thirty) to complete the playthrough requirement. Generally, free spins have a shorter time limit. For instance, casinos that offer players daily free spins would set 24 hours to use them, and these free spins would be lost if not used within that time.

Time limits are reminders, letting players know about their pending bonus offers. Gaming sites do not want situations where players bring complaints of bonus offers, they got and never used.

Bonuses Usually Apply to Only Specific Games

There are game-specific bonuses that top NZ online casinos offer players. In essence, these bonuses can only be used on specific games. Game-specific bonuses aim to keep players’ attention within a certain game category or drive traffic towards new casino games, mainly if the casino brand develops the game.

There are several gaming categories that this bonus targets. Games such as online slots, table games, blackjack, roulette, and live dealer games like blackjack and roulette are primarily targeted. You can’t use this NZ online casino bonus on games that the casino brand does not permit.

Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements are a common denominator regarding NZ online casino bonuses. It indicates how many times a player must wager through a bonus amount. In simple words, it is how much you a player needs to bet to withdraw every single cash in his account. Ideally, they are vital factors determining if a bonus is worth your time and money. You will encounter ridiculous wagering standards if you are a regular NZ casino player.

Wagering requirements are also called rollover requirements or playthrough requirements. Winnings are only withdrawable when these requirements are fulfilled. The lower the playthrough requirement, the easier it is for the player to complete it. Extremely high rollovers are usually a turn-off, even for professional players.

To be articulate, Paul accepts a welcome bonus with a wagering requirement of 40X. This implies that he must bet the bonus amount forty times over before initiating a withdrawal for both the bonus amount and associated winnings.

Wagering requirements are different for each bonus offer and across NZ real money casinos. Factors such as minimum odds, time limit, and an only winning paid to the condition are features of wagering requirements. We suggest you always read the terms and conditions before accepting bonuses, even from the best online casinos.

Casino Bonuses Conclusion

Bonuses are ideal for attempting real money casinos or trying out new casino games. We understand how important this is to every New Zealand player and have scoured the length and breadth of gaming sites and the internet to bring you the best information on them.

Interestingly, bonuses evolve due to the fierce competition in the gambling space. NZ online casinos want to remain relevant and in business. Casino operators push to have better offers available for players, and gamblers would always tilt towards the best online casinos with fair bonuses.

NZ online casino bonuses include the popular welcome bonus, free spins, free spins no deposit, no deposit bonus, reload bonuses, loyalty clubs, and many more. For a premium gambling experience, casino bonuses really come in handy and in various forms. Also, NZ casino bonuses are available to both newbies and regular players.

There are strings attached to bonus offers, and these strings are referred to as wagering or rollover requirements. Only players who play through these requirements would be able to withdraw the bonus, in addition to any winnings. In the following articles, we will look at everything you should look out for in a bonus, understand and use them better and make the most out of the offers you get.