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Free Pokies Online NZ

Playing pokies is fun and all, but some days, you want to play free pokies games without risking any of your money. These free pokies online in New Zealand give you the finest entertainment without any cost.

It’s usually a brilliant idea to practice playing free pokies with free spins so that when you’re playing with real money, you’ll have a good chance of winning.

Slot games are becoming more and more competitive every day. It will help if you stay updated with all the new and unique features of slot games. When you’re playing free pokies in an online casino, you can learn some neat tricks.

Read on to learn more about free pokies in New Zealand and some of the advantages they give you!

What are Free Pokies?

When free pokies are mentioned, it usually refers to the free demo you get for any online pokies. You don’t need to download anything to play free pokies online in NZ. Free pokies are free of any cost. It helps you understand what casinos with real money are all about.

If you’re new to casinos, then playing free pokies games is the best beginner help for you! It’s an exact copy of a real casino lobby, except, of course, without the money deposit. When you play at a real casino lobby, a part of your money is given away every time you spin the wheel. But, these free pokies games do not cost you a cent!

Some of the NZ casinos online that are ranked at the top will give you free demos of their slots. It is usually done for promotion purposes. If you are interested in the demo, you’ll want to sign up with that casino and start betting with real money.

It’s an obvious fact to some that online pokies are very strategic. The luck factor does play a massive part in real money casino games, but strategies are also a vital part. You can play cleverly and increase your chance of winning when you grasp the understanding of the features, payouts, RTP, volatility, etc.

You’ll be investing significant amounts into casinos, so don’t forget to familiarize yourself with real money casinos!

Types of Free Pokies

Free Pokies are known for their versatile games. That is because they are known to adhere to everyone’s needs. They are generally categorized into three.


This mode is known for its simple gameplay. It only has a few reels and pay lines without any bonus features. It’s usually low in volatility, and its RTP is from the base game since it has no bonus features. This uncomplicated gameplay is what usually attracts new players.

3D Pokies

Many developers switched to 3D visuals because graphics play a significant role in the attractiveness of pokies. Players barely notice the difference because it’s not advertised that much. Regardless of whether it’s 2D or 3D, graphics nowadays are eye-appealing enough.

Video Pokies

Compared to classic pokies, this type offers much more features and bonuses! The bonus feature adds to the entertainment that may be lacking in classic. There are various casinos in this category, and the best part? They’re all free!

List of Free Pokies NZ

There are thousands of Free Pokies online in NZ. Here, there are just a few listed for you!

  • Games of Thrones FREE online slot
  • Play 4 SEASONS for Free Online
  • Play Achilles Online for Free
  • A Night Out Free Online Pokies
  • Free Immortal Romance Pokies Games
  • Primate King Free Pokie
  • Online 9 Pots of Gold Pokies Games NZ
  • Guns N Roses Online Free Pokies
  • Online Pokies: Legion Hot 1

How to Play Free Pokies Games

Almost every online casino offering pokies games will offer pokies for free.

  • Once you’re on an online casino, you’ll be asked to confirm your age.
  • When you have verified your age, which needs to be above 20, explore the casino website.
  • While you’re exploring, you’ll notice that there’s a “Play for Free” button located somewhere, depending on what casino it is.
  • This is where the demo of the casino site you’re currently on will be displayed.
  • Free pokies are usually the classic 5-reel and 3-row games.
  • Find the spin button, usually at the right side of the reel.
  • Start spinning and exploring everything pokies games has to offer!

Benefits of Free Pokies Online NZ

There are countless benefits of playing free pokies online in NZ. Only a few are listed below.

  • If you’re entirely new to online casinos, free pokies online is an excellent practice for you before you start investing financially.
  • The most apparent benefit is that it’s free of cost.
  • Free pokies games allow you to sharpen your skills so that your chance of winning real money casino is increased
  • It’s good entertainment when you want to just play without the burden of placing bets.
  • It requires no download. You can play it online at any time.
  • You can play free pokies games on anything, whether it’s your PC, laptop, iPhone, Android, etc.
  • You don’t need to sign up or deposit any cash into the casino to play free pokies.

Features of Free Pokies

In this section, a few of the features of Free pokies games are mentioned.

  • Playing free pokies online is 100% risk-free.
  • It is all about learning the features of slot games and the overall gameplay so that when you decide to invest in a real money pokies game, you’ll know all the tips and tricks to win yourself a massive payout!
  • There is no money required to deposit as a bet in free pokies.
  • If you play free pokies before moving to real money casinos, it’ll give you an advantage over other players since you spent time learning and sharpening your skills.
  • They have so many themes you can choose from. You can probably find one that suits your taste and style to be entertained.

Comparison of Free Pokies vs. Real Money Pokies

The main thing to realize is that the point of free pokies is all about sharpening your skills. Any payouts that you win in free pokies, you won’t be able to get them in real cash. A few differences are listed below:

  • Free pokies help you enhance your game strategy and familiarize you with the features and gameplay of the slot game. On the other hand, real money pokies are played as a competition to gain massive payouts.
  • In free pokies games, you’re not investing your money in the casino since it’s purely a demo. Whereas in real money pokies, you invest a certain amount of cash.
  • Free pokies are risk-free, while real money casinos involve a major risk
  • As risky as real money pokies are, they can give you significant payouts, while free pokies don’t give you any real cash for your wins.


1.     Are Free Pokies safe?

Many new players wonder if playing free pokies online is free or even legal. Well, to answer your question, yes! Online free pokies are entirely safe and legal. It involves no risk to your finance since they’re free of cost.

In some countries, gambling is banned. If this is what you’re worried about, then fear not! Free pokies are 100% since you’re not betting real money. You’re only playing with virtual slot money, so technically, it’s not really gambling.

There are more threats to you than just your finance. You might have thoughts about the site grabbing your personal information and such. But rest assured. The few free pokies games we listed above are 100% safe. If you want to check for yourself, you can scroll to the bottom of the website. There will be a license of the casino displayed.

2.     Are Free Spins the same as Free Pokies?

There are many confusions in the casino realm about whether or not free spins are the same as free pokies. This conception is not correct; free spins are not the same as free pokies in any way.

Free spins are a bonus feature activated in the slot game itself. Usually, when you land on more than 3 matching symbols in the slot game, you’ll trigger a set number of free spins. It can multiply your payout generously. The base multiplier for free spins is usually x3, but this can increase up to 60x your payout if you’re lucky!

That is not to say that free spins don’t exist in free pokies. You have the free spins feature in free pokies games too. The only difference is that since you’re playing for free, you won’t be able to get any cash from your wins.

3.     Do Free Pokies and Real Money Pokies have the same RTP?

The answer to this question is yes. Both types of pokies will have the same Return to Player (RTP). Free pokies are a demo version of real money pokies. So, the gameplay is similar but without any depositing of cash or winning payouts. Don’t go for the free pokies with low RTPs since they can considerably affect your gameplay.

4.     What platforms can you play Free Pokies games on?

You can play free pokies online on any platform! You can easily play on your phone if you’re outdoors, whether it’s an Android or Apple. If you’re in the comfort of your home, you can play on a laptop or PC. All pokies are developed on HTML5 tech, so it’s available to play on the browser as well.

5.     Why are no download Free Pokies games recommended instead?

It is effortless to find free pokies in New Zealand. You simply need an internet connection to access any free pokies game. They have themes of all types of genres. If you know what theme you like, search for it, and it will show you a game with that theme.

Once you know what theme you prefer, look for it on a citable casino slot machine. Usually, the best free pokies don’t require you to download the game. But if they do, it’s recommended you go for the ones that require no downloads.

There are many reasons why pokies games with no downloads are preferred. One of these reasons is that it saves you from viruses. There’s a lower risk of getting a virus if you played on the browser rather than downloading the game.

6.     How is the outcome of the Free Pokies Games decided?

Exactly like the real money pokies, the outcome of spins when you’re playing the free demo version is entirely random. It has an RNG (Random Number Generator) feature, which helps ensure that the outcomes are fair and random.

7.     What factors should you consider before selecting a Free Pokies game?

One of the main factors you should consider before playing a free pokies game is the theme. It’s essential to find a theme that attracts you because it’s the main factor that will draw you to the game itself.

You can search on PokieSource to find a theme that suits you. Another feature to consider before choosing a game is the bonus features the demo has. Not all free pokies have free spins or other bonus features in a real money poker game. You need to find a pokies game with most of the bonus features so that you can practice their use.

The practice of bonus features is crucial because, in real money casinos, payouts revolve around free spins and wilds. If you don’t have a grip on them, they can lose your strategic advantage.

The last important thing to consider is the RTP of the free pokies game. If the RTP of the free pokies game is low, you won’t get to experience the actual gameplay. Make sure you choose a free pokies game with a relatively high RTP to get the whole experience!

Final Words

Playing pokies for free undoubtedly gives you many advantages over other players when you decide to switch to a real money casino. This type of pokies is currently the most popular casino game out there. It provides high-quality graphics with all the features of a real money pokies game.

It can give you a strategic advantage. This pokies game is all about teaching you new tricks, gameplay, and variance so that the next time you place a bet, you can ensure a massive payout.

This free demo can be entertaining for a while, but the fun can die out quickly. Imagine if you end up landing a massive payout when playing the free version, but you couldn’t cash it out because it’s not possible. It would be devastating.

Slot games are meant to be played for cash. That’s the original purpose of the game. No matter how fun free pokies can be, playing a real money casino is more exciting.

In the end, it’s recommended you try out free pokies for a bit, simply to enhance your skills and tricks. But, when you think you’ve grasped the pokies gameplay pretty well, switch to a real money casino and try out your luck with the strategic advantage that you now have!