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Prepaid Card Casinos NZ

Do you want to try your luck with a prepaid card? You can make a casino deposit on a NZ gambling site utilizing solely the money on your voucher with voucher payments. There is no need to input any personal information, credit card information, or other financial information. Prepaid card casinos in New Zealand accept this payment method. If this is your first time making an online casino voucher deposit, we’ll walk you through the steps.

We’ve compiled a list of NZ online casinos that take prepaid cards in this payment method overview so you know where to look. These are smartphone casinos that are suited for both desktop and mobile play and give New Zealand players a variety of bonuses and promotions.

Online Casinos Accepting Prepaid Cards

Safe casino sites are a significant priority for gamblers all around the world. These are gambling systems that protect its players’ personal information, data, and financial information. Many gamers also value the security and reliability of the payment process.

There are no personal details required when depositing to online casinos for New Zealand players via cash voucher payments. You simply select a prepaid card operator as your chosen form of payment. Following that, you’ll be asked to input the verification code found on your card voucher. This card is available in stores and online, and it has no connection to your personal information.

Prepaid card online gambling sites have swiftly garnered a huge number of players due to the convenience and security of this deposit option. A growing number of New Zealand gamers are interested in gambling in this manner.

Cash Voucher Casino Deposits Features

If you’re used to paying with other methods, you might be curious about the advantages of prepaid card casino deposits. Some gamers will benefit from voucher deposits because they are the best option for their needs and preferences. Check out the following features to see if it’s the correct way for you:

Deposits are immediate:

Your money will be available in your casino funds as soon as you complete the payment verification process. Prepaid card casino deposits are conducted through a secure and fast infrastructure that promptly transfers your voucher funds to your casino account.

Available in most NZ local shops:

If you’re from New Zealand, getting a prepaid card from one of the main issuers of this payment option will be fairly simple. Most retail stores, local businesses, petrol stations, kiosks, and other points of sale carry them. You’ll be qualified for Internet gambling with a $20 deposit casino that accepts vouchers after purchasing a prepaid card from your local store.

No credit card information is required:

One of the best features of prepaid cards on new online gambling sites is that you may play casino games without having to provide your personal financial information. As a result, in New Zealand, safe prepaid card online casinos are a popular choice.

Need to make a withdrawal using a different type of payment:

If you make a deposit with a prepaid card, you’ll have to use a different payment platform to make a withdrawal. This is because prepaid vouchers are a one-way payment mechanism that can only be used to make deposits and cannot be used to make withdrawals. Find one of the instant withdrawal casinos on our list if you’re looking for a gaming site that will let you cash out your prepaid card earnings quickly.

Low deposit limits:

Because prepaid cards have minimal deposit restrictions, if you prefer to wager big, you may not be able to deposit as much as you wish. It also works the other way around: you may make even the tiniest of payments in New Zealand online casinos that take cash vouchers. For example, you can select a low-deposit online casino that allows you to play online pokies with a $10 deposit and pay with a prepaid card voucher.

Alternative for Online Casinos Using Prepaid Cards

Each real money online casino in New Zealand has its own payment platform. When it comes to prepaid card casinos, these are the options you’ll find under the Cashier area. They can be purchased in a variety of methods, and the simplest approach to figure out which is best for you is to look for them at nearby stores. The following are the best prepaid cards for casino deposits:


Paysafecard, or simply Paysafe, is a popular online casino deposit method in New Zealand. It’s the world’s most popular and extensively utilized prepaid card deposit method. You can use Paysafecard as a payment method at Paysafecard casino by selecting the Paysafecard option in the Cashier section. You can get it at your local store or order it online. It’s commonly available at New Zealand’s retail outlets.


Neosurf is a Paysafe alternative that operates in the same way. You can use a Neosurf coupon in the Neosurf online casino if you buy it in a local store or receive it online from registered distributors. When you want to use your voucher funds to make a payment, select it as your payment option and then input the card’s 19-digit code to validate your payment.

Visa Prepaid Card:

Because Visa is one of the most common casino payment methods, whether it’s a credit, debit, or prepaid card, it’s fairly easy to find a Visa casino online. Your Visa prepaid card can be obtained at a bank, a local store, or through specialist websites online. You can get a Prezzy card, which is a Visa that you may use to make casino payments, online in New Zealand.

Mastercard Prepaid:

After Visa, Mastercard is the second most popular casino deposit card, and it is also available as a prepaid option. Simply use your prepaid Mastercard obtained from a bank, store, or online to play in a Mastercard online casino and verify your payment. You won’t have to buy fresh Mastercard prepaid cards because it can be topped up and re-used, but you’ll only be allowed to risk the amount that’s now accessible in your money.

Prepaid Card FAQs

What is a prepaid card?

A prepaid card is a payment voucher that is pre-loaded and can be used to make purchases up to the value of the voucher. It’s accepted at prepaid card casinos, online retailers, online services, and websites, among other places. You can get a prepaid card using one of the platforms indicated above (Paysafecard, Neosurf, Visa, Mastercard).

Is it safe to play at a casino that accepts cash vouchers?

You can use one of the safest payment processing platforms available today at voucher online casinos. Because the verification process does not require any of your credit card information or other sensitive information, your anonymity is safeguarded and you can gamble anonymously.

Are there any fees or limits to Prepaid Cards?

Most casinos do not charge extra fees for voucher casino deposits. However, the amount you can deposit is limited. First and foremost, you are limited by the precise amount on your voucher; for example, if your coupon has a value of 20 NZD, you can only gamble with that amount. There are usually always minimum and maximum deposit limits, depending on the casino.

Can I withdraw winnings with a cash card?

Withdrawals from a prepaid card online casino are not possible: vouchers are a deposit-only mechanism. When you want to cash out your winnings from an online casino, you’ll need to use a different payment platform. Credit and debit cards, bank transfers, and eWallets are some of the most popular options (PayPal, Skrill or Neteller).

Are there any benefits or promotions for operators who accept voucher deposits?

Many of the casinos on our list of the best NZ prepaid card casinos provide prizes and promotional packages to new players. You may use prepaid card casino bonuses to get more cash, bonus deposit matching, or free spins when you make your initial deposit at one of these sites.