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Valid Online Casinos

Welcome to valid online casinos, in this site you will be able to find all about what makes an online casino safe, secured and trusted to play.

You can find all about our processes of validating an online casino for you, what are the tips of picking a safe and trusted online casino over a scam casino, and of course you will be able to pick from our top validated online casinos.

Valid Casinos

What Makes a Casino Valid to Play

In every online casino there are several indications to make it gain trust with players coming to deposit and play, we want to make sure that each time you choose a new online casino to try out, it will deliver to you the best possible experience.

The things that make an online casino valid and legit are crucial to get an overall positive gambling experience, when a casino has shady reputation or problems at paying players it will be considered a scam casino, and we will blacklist him so you will always be aware of the casinos to avoid.

How We Validate an Online Casino

For every online casino featured in our site we go through a process of validation, which basically means making sure it is reliable and trusted to play by you.

Before giving our professional validation we are going to make sure some checkups of security are made, check below what are the steps of validating an online casino:

1) We check the casino certificate and permission by the gambling authorities:

Every online casino has to be aligned with several guidelines to protect users from schemes, in order to get the official certification. It is an important mark of initial trust between casino users and the online casino.

2) After making sure the casino is legitimate and registered, the second step is checking the bonuses and promotions in detail.

That means going through the online casino T&C and making sure it is safe and legit, with no tricky rules and loopholes to gain advantage of players depositing money.

3) After that we are going through the processes of validating that the casino support team is real and can actually reply in time to help casino players in need. Response time and being able to solve payment issues are the most requested topics for gamblers.

4) The fourth step is checking the depositing and withdrawal options featured by the online casino. We go over them and validate the processing fees and rights, the more depositing and withdrawal options for users means more freedom to choose and we also take it into consideration when ranking the casinos online.

5) Finally the last step in validating an online casino for players, we go over the site and check the user satisfaction with time, making sure they feel the casino is trusted and legit, we basically validate it’s authenticity and reception over time.

After all the steps above you can be assured that each and every online casino we feature in our site has been thoroughly checked and validated for you to play.

You are welcome to get familiarized with the many online casinos we validated in our comprehensive reviews section, and pick the right one for you.

Tips For Picking Valid and Safe Casinos

If you are looking to find your own favorite casino you can use these tips to locate a safe casino quickly.

You are welcome to use these 3 quick tips as checkups:

1) Scroll down to a site footer and look for a certificate image link of security, it should direct you to the certificate site where you can research more about that online casino.

2) Search if the online casino is valid, you can do it simply by searching with google and see if the casino is considered valid and trusted to play.

3) Games and payments are a great indication to see if the casino is big or small in scale.

There are more pokie games (online slots) featured in the casino and banking options, meaning that the online casino has many partnerships and it is running with a big online casino group or has been operating for some time already.

The Best Valid Payment options in Online Casinos

Below you can find the top used for and most secured payment options to use at online casinos, each one of them is validated and safe to use.

Google Pay Logo
POLi Logo
Apple Pay Logo
Neteller Logo
Paysafe Casinos Logo
Neosurf Logo
Visa Logo
Skrill Logo
Mastercard Logo
Bitcoin Logo

Valid $NZ Casino Deposits

Below you will be able to go through several valid $NZ Minimum Deposits. If your real money deposits are on a budget, you will be able to get the best out of your money.

$1 Deposit Casinos
$5 Deposit Casinos
$2 Deposit Casinos
$10 Deposit Casinos
$3 Deposit Casinos
$20 Deposit Casinos
$4 Deposit Casinos

Closing Notes For Valid Online Casinos

Online casinos pop out on the internet all the time, some are safe and trusted, but several are scam casinos waiting to bite your wallet.

The best practices to sort out and pick the right validated online casino are here on this site, when you decide to deposit money and grab a casino bonus you want to know that you are playing in a fair place and it’s possible for you to win.

On valid online casinos we say: “Pick Smart and Play Big”, casinos can be really fun and a great opportunity to win some real money.


Are Online Casinos Valid and Safe?

Yes and No, most online casinos are legit and valid to play, but on rare occasions you can fall into a scam casino that will trick you and take your money.

What is a Valid Online Casino?

A valid casino is an online casino that has been tested and checked.
By being a valid casino it means he will be safe to play and gamble.

Is it Safe to Deposit Money Into an Online Casino?

Yes, Online casinos take regular deposit methods like any business, the money is transferred in a secured way and the only “risk” is the actual gambling activity at the casino, some win and some lose.